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Sunday, January 29, 2012

2 months...ouch

Needless to say (but I will say it anyways), I've been busy. Leading MIT's DBF team has taken up every bit of my spare time since november. Well, almost...

I got the hubcaps and spacers for LiteBoard's hub motors machined:

I did the spacers on the lathe, but the hubcaps I did entirely in the mill. I really like the mill method, rather than going from the lathe to the mill. It took a lot less time. I didn't check one of my drill bits though, and being a student shop, it was damaged, so the tip broke off in my part. I was lucky that it had gone most of the way through before breaking off, though, so I was able to get the tip out. I also decided to try loctite bearing compound this time, so I made the bearing holes slightly oversized.

Even though I haven't been building much, I've been gathering supplies: 2 hobbyking 80A car esc's, 2 more 6S 5000mAh packs (in addition to the 2 I have left over from ELB), all of the metal stock I'll need, 4 1.25"x4" colsons, a massive lipo charger and power supply, a $15 hobbyking 2.4GHz 2 channel radio, etc.

The next machining I'll do is probably coring out the colsons.

Left to do:

  • core out colsons
  • machine axle adapters and hubs
  • wind stators
  • order rotor plates
  • find/buy hall effect sensors
  • assemble motors
  • test motors/esc's
  • assemble massive lipo pack (6S4P)
  • laser cut grip tape design
  • assemble board
  • add lights
  • +more
Wow that's a long list :/ . I hope I have time this semester to work on it. I'll only be taking 3.5 classes to give me time for DBF and this, so we'll see how it goes.