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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Pics from Southern Thunder

Ready to go for Level 1 cert. flight

On the pad. I couldn't get any pics of launches with my cruddy cellphone camera. However, I did get my L1!

Our prep area

Ready for L2

Let's play: "Find the L2 rocket in the 70ft trees!"  Yeah, this sucked. I paid an arborist to climb the tree and get it out. I got my L2, though! Been waiting 10 years to be able to that...

Dad's Maniac. To give perspective, he's 6'5"

Very pretty day. Very hot day.

A "P" motor. Damn that's big. (Pepsi can for scale)

Well, that's probably about it for rocket stuff this summer due to bad timing with being out-of-town. Back to other projects.

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