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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Rotors Part 1

I'm back at MIT for a month to help teach the Edgerton Center's Engineering and Design Class, so I'm going to attempt to finish the ELB in my spare time.

Time for rotor work. I used the cold saw to cut a 2" piece of my 1020 low carbon steel stock. Mark gave me these cool lathe spider things that fit around the chuck teeth and provide a stand off from the chuck face (I didn't have enough stock to cut longer pieces).

After facing, I used a big boring bar to remove about 3/8" of from the inner diameter:

...and I found out how steel wool is made:

1 of 2 arm-fulls. For perspective, that's a full size trashcan.
...a lot of it.

After that, I simply flipped the piece around and cut off the extra.

Ta Da:

It really wasn't that easy (took me about 7 hours to do all 4), mostly because it's steel and I had to do a ton of tool passes (because I ordered stock that was too small ID...oops).

Next: Mill work, aka putting 80 holes in these for screws/alignment pins.

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