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Sunday, November 21, 2010

The other Electric Longboard

Well, bad news for the other electric longboard (the one made during the Edgerton Center Summer 2010 Engineering and Design Class).

Remember the eXKateDB (drill battery) hack?:

I shoulda seen it coming, but see those little connectors? They can be plugged in backwards...yeah...bad stuff happened. Turns out the Exkate controller doesn't have reverse polarity protection. I actually found this out the hard way at the end of the class this summer. I plugged the battery in backwards and it fried some components. Luckily, Shane was there to help me fix it. This time (wasn't me) however, more things fried:

Blown up transistor and resistor. Another transistor is fried on the board.

You can see the diode we replaced before. It was fine, but the transistor below it wasn't too happy.

Assuming more stuff wasn't burnt, we probably could have fixed it, but the whole thing was turning into a hack at this point. controller! Brushed Kelly Controller to be specific. It has better specs than the Exkate controller, for a lot less. However, it doesn't have a built in radio system. radio system! A Hobbyking 2 channel 2.4GHz radio was purchased ($17). We'll have to figure out some way to translate the PWM servo signal to a 0-5VDC signal for the Kelly throttle input, but that shouldn't be too difficult. Hmm...what to do with the extra channel.

A new set of Lipos are here (I need to find time to install them :/ ). To prevent what ultimately caused all of this trouble in the first place, a keyed battery selector will also be added. After that, the longboard should pretty much be set and idiot-proof resistant. 

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