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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Last two weeks happened. I was 99% sure it would happen and it did: Electronics problems. Here's what happened:

About three months ago, all 4 motors and controllers were working perfectly. Two weeks ago, all 4 motors and 3.667 of the motor controllers were working perfectly. We (Shane and I) discovered that one of the phases was messed up for no apparent reason. Anyways, I put the board under the work bench and got it out 2 days later. Literally nothing was different and suddenly NONE of the controllers were working properly. This is why I hate electronics. After many hours of trouble shooting (mostly shane being a genius), he came up with some stuff to try. We think the noise from the sensor wires being so close to the power wires is messing everything up. So I bought some shielded 5 conductor wire (to be installed next week) for the sensors, and Shane added some capacitors to the sensors. This cleared up the problem for 3 out of the 4 MC's. However, the one that was having phase issues still didn't work...and when one of the gate drivers started smoking...well, yeah. You get the idea. My shitty soldering job on a single resistor caused one of the gate drivers to smoke after awhile. The controller requires replacing 3 IC's, after which it should* (cross fingers) be good to go.

So as usual, it's not the electrons' faults that it didn't work...

Anyways, other stuff that's been accomplished: The Wii Nunchuck has been hacked apart so that a Xbee + board can fit. The trucks and risers have finally been properly bolted on. I used every single riser pad I bought to get enough ground clearnence for turning. Besides that, nothing has happened really.

Left to do:
1. Finish Wii-nunchuck controller (8 hours?)
2. Test and program motor controllers (8 hours)
3. Finish fixing electronics problems (10 hours)
4. Finish mounting motor controllers (45 minutes)
5. Test ride around a little inside (10 min)
6. Cut/Glue polyurethane tires on (24 hours)
7. Test drive
8. Install fans (5 hours)
9. Install lights (20 hours) (optional)
10. Waterproofing (4 hours + drying time)

Estimated work time left on project: ~80 hours (including lights).

One month down, two months to go.  O.o

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  1. Stupid electrons. They are always so difficult to corral into the proper places.