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Monday, May 24, 2010

ELB April

Due to other school projects, I didn't really start building until April. I began by practicing winding the stators.

My winding station. Giant vice with paper for protecting the epoxy. The piece of PVC is how I get leverage.

The stators are GoBrushless 18T, 65mm x 34mm. They have a green epoxy coating for insulation and wire-enamel protection. Unfortunately, that epoxy likes to chip off the tips of the teeth, which means 5-minute to the rescue. So strike two against these stators. What was strike one you ask? The fact that I ordered four of these back in January and STILL haven't gotten the other three in. GRRRRR

It was at this point that I realized that the giant spool of 16AWG wire I bought wasn't going to work because I couldn't fit 15 turns of it on a tooth (I got 14! so close...). So I went to 17AWG:

I tried a bunch of different schemes to get the best possible packing, including that ugly loop sticking out the side. Needless to say I abandoned that idea.

Success! That's 1/2 of 1 phase wound with 15t of 17AWG wire per tooth. These pics were the product of a couple hours of trial and error (including messing around with 16AWG), but now I know how to wind these motors. 
The next step was working on the hubs, probably the most complicated part of this whole project.

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