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Monday, May 24, 2010

ELB mid/late May

The first thing you should notice (well, at least if you go to MIT) is that mid/late May is when I should be studying for finals. Hmmm, evil finals or fun machine work... Finals won out eventually, but until then, I put off studying as long as possible to finish these hubs.

Now on to the mill work. I needed to put a round groove into the press-fit surface that would accept a 3mm rollpin. So I used a ball end mill. I had no idea people made these things; they're pretty cool.

I don't have pictures, but during this process I did a tool change on every part in order to drill and power-tap 10-32 grubs screw holes for axle locking. The next step was to flip the part upright and bore the four wire holes. This required an extra long drill because the regular length drill couldn't get the last 3/4" or so.

 Test gauge used to zero the X and Y axis. Mark has a bunch of these.

Really long drill bit. I'm not sure why it looks like I'm drilling into the vice here...weird camera angle I guess.

 I got two finished this day before the shop closed.

The 4 completed hubs. Note the two shorter ones for the rear.

Now I just need to press fit them. Unfortunately, I didn't have all four stators in (grrr...I still don't) yet, so I only did one. First, I had to machine a little tube that would provide a good surface for pressing. You can see it underneath the stator in this picture:

Ta-Da! One finished. 

You can see the rollpin in place in the above picture. That little bugger was hard to get kept bending. Anyways, that's it for now. I'm taking June off, but I'll be back to work on this in July as a side project to teaching high school kids about engineering through an Edgerton Center class. I'm hoping to get the whole board finished by early August! 

Stuff left to do:
2. Wind
3. Solder the motor controller boards
4. Machine the rotors
5. Plastic mill/laser work (hubcaps/spacers/hall effect sensor board)
6. Bore out the tires
7. Assemble a wheel and test it 
8. Mill/waterjet the battery box components, assemble, and test waterproof-ness
9. Find out what Franco did with the radio control
10. Wire everything up
11. Don't kill myself the first time I ride it.

Yikes, that's a lot of work left.

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