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Monday, August 8, 2011

Christmas in August

I got some presents (from myself)!

First, a pistol-grip controller:

It's in way to good of shape for what I'm planning on doing to it. I'm planning on gutting it/hacking it apart and using it to replace the Wii Nunchuck controller I put together a few weeks ago. I also got a couple of 2 channel receivers with it...not sure what I'll do with those.

Second, I got the scorpion stators in!

They shipped them DHL Express, which was nice.

They even included fiberglass end plates and coil protector sheets. But how do the stators look?

Pretty good. The laminations are not perfectly aligned, but they're close. The result is a slightly larger maximum diameter of 70.15mm, instead of 70mm. Many of the dimensions were off by about .05mm, which is probably about the accuracy of the stamp tooling.
I believe the wire was installed to keep them from breaking apart during shipment.

Too bad they didn't cut them slightly oversized. I'll have to use the wire protector sheets. The double key slot is a nice feature.
Both 70mm x 50mm stators. I plan on cutting them down to four 70mm x 0.75in .
Not bad for $200 with shipping. 

The next step is to update the CAD files with the exact dimensions, but that'll have to wait until after I finish ELB. Only 2 weeks left O.o .


  1. Did you get "low-taper cutting"?

    I guest not. I think that "low-taper cutting" is for thick parts like 1/2 inch and up. In your case it does not matter it's so thin.

    Does it make sense?

  2. you see, I read to fast.

    I just realize that you ordered the STATORS from and you were thinking of using BigBlueSaw for the ROTORS. When I read your post, I though those STATORS where waterjet cut!!

    That's why I ask the question. I am also looking to get some parts cut.

  3. I like how fat the teeth are compared to copier motors. More torque!