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Thursday, August 4, 2011

T-minus 2 weeks


Turns out that none of the Edgerton Lathes could handle the scooter wheels, either, so I had to mill them.

First step: clamp wheel to table. Second step: gauge (0,0)
3rd step: mill circle at slightly less than press fit radius

They look like mini plastic stators, haha.

4th step: finishing pass at press fit radius. 1.622" in this case. Step 5: repeat.
Then press fit the hubs on. I got lucky and found a PVC fitting that works perfectly. Note: it looks angled because of the camera angle

I press fit the first too a little too far, but luckily the press was strong enough to push all 3 wheels.

Massive alien hubmotor!
 It looks really sick on the board:

The polycarbonate hubcap-inserts make it look even more alien.
I didn't have time to finish milling out the wheels (I got 1/3 of them done), so the other wheels aren't done yet. I should be able to finish the tires sometime next week.


  1. That is the most awesome looking hub motor wheel ever.

  2. I want some alien wheels. where do i get alien wheels? :<