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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Moving forward

Moving forward with EHB (as I've now decided to call HeavyBoard) will be a much delayed process. While much of the design is done, fabrication can't start until I have some time...ha...ha...hahhaa...hahahahahaha...time... that's a good one. I'm right on the edge of work week, orientation, rush, the start of classes, the start of clubs, and the restart of work (working at the same place I did this summer). So time will be VERY hard to come by...expect delays.

 As for ELB, I've decided to fix the 2 major mechanical issues: axle-hub slippage and the risers. This should make it useable as a demonstrator. I might throw a fan or two and some heat-sinks inside the battery box, which might actually make it street ride-able if the steering problem is fixed by new risers. There's another issue that I can't fix: weight. ELB weighs 40 pounds...ugh...lugging it around is a huge pain, so riding it to class is a non-starter. I'll probably just ride my current mountainboard around for now. At this point I should note that the new "HeavyBoard" will actually be lighter than ELB (The "heavy" stands for "heavy duty").

I determined for sure that the risers are the reason the turning sucks. I set the board upside down on a bench and torqued the trucks by hand and could see the rubber risers deflecting by 1/2" + . I bought some stiff plastic ones to replace them...I'll lose all of what vibration damping I had left, but at least I'll be able to steer.

2 more lessons learned:
  1. Wire stretch: make sure that there's enough slack in the motor wires for the trucks to turn for V2. I got lucky this time and there is just barely enough slack for the trucks to turn all the way.
  2. Buy set screws that are harder than my axles. The axles are harder than the set big surprise they weren't working well. I'm going to flatten some spots on the shaft and get harder steel knurled cone set screws.

Sorry it's fuzzy. You can sorta see the flattened cup.
Even flatter cups.

Random picture of super sketchy charging.

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